Tele Injury Management

More than 70% of work-related
injuries can be triaged, bringing you
cost savings of 62% on initial visits
and 45% on follow-ups

With over a decade of Occupational Health Telemedicine experience, our clinical approach combined with our technical capacity to perform quality remote assessments and treatment via telehealth and telemedicine for work injuries surpasses national benchmarks for injury management.

How does the HFit injury
management process work?

HFit Tele is a convenient alternative to traditional medical visits for minor injuries, illness symptoms, and follow-up because it gives the worker an opportunity to engage with a medical provider with minimal disruption and without leaving the job site.


Comprehensive Web app Intake Interview

Taking only ten minutes or less, the injured worker will answer 4 introductory questions then up to 9 questions per injured body part.


Outbound Call from HFit Staff

The injured worker receives an outbound call from HFit Health Clinical Staff within 5 to 7 minutes of completing the intake assessment.


Transition to Telemedicine

Should the injured worker need prescriptive care beyond RN triage and self-care first aid recommendations, they are connected to an Occupational Health TeleMedicine Physician or Nurse Practitioner in under 2 minutes.


Automated Notifications

When an injury has occurred and intake has been initiated by the injured employee or onsite supervisor, an email is sent immediately to an administrative supervisor or HR representative. Another digital notification is sent at the end of platform use, summarizing the touchpoints accessed by the worker.


Powerful Reporting

Full notes are available to all appropriate parties, and reports are distributed to appropriate HR, EHS, or operational leaders.

What will I find on the platform?

Our clinical approach combined with our proprietary technology allows us to perform quality remote assessments and recommend treatment via telehealth and telemedicine. HFit easy-to-use telemedicine platform delivers care to you when and where you need it.

Simple Access

Anyone can use the web-based app, at any time. The worker will simply visit a link and follow the prompts for intake.

Direct Email Support

For patients unable to connect to the site. We have serviced over 4 million transactions to date using this direct email process.

Translation Options

The platform is provided in English and one translation of the employer’s choice. Additional languages are available upon request.

Objective Data Capture

Platform can include hardware to capture objective data, allowing for the collection of patient vital signs.

Interfaces with Pharmacy

HFit currently provides Durable Medical Equipment to sites during implementations and resupply as needed.

State and Carrier Specific

HFit is set up for telehealth with state-specific Workers’ Compensation forms from the DWCs and guidelines for Telehealth.

Why Choose HFit For Occupational Health and Wellness Services?

Who We Are

Since our founding in 2015, HFit Health has supported some of the leading companies in the nation. As a leader in Occupational Medicine, Ergonomics, and Risk Management, our mission is to provide high-quality clinical care and strategies to manage the health of a workforce with an eye not just to safety, but also to overall wellness.
Our priority is to establish strong employer partnerships to prevent workplace illness and injury, and respond promptly and effectively when injuries happen, allowing you to develop a safer, happier, more productive workforce.

Join the HFit Tele Team!

Are you a licensed Nurse Practitioner interested in flexible, remote work opportunities? Join us! Our Telemedicine providers enjoy flexible hours, the ability to work from anywhere, and expert clinical support.