Occupational Health – Covid19 Workplace Solutions

Comprehensive Workplace Solutions
to the COVID-19 Pandemic

COVID-19 has impacted employees, companies, and workplaces in unprecedented ways. Since the beginning of the pandemic in March of 2019, HFit Health has provided a comprehensive COVID-19 Prevention and Management solution to some of the largest companies in the US and Europe.
Our solution includes quick and simple app-based symptom screening, clinical follow-up of known or suspected COVID cases through telehealth, rapid and mail-in PCR COVID testing, automated communication of results to employees and program administrators, and clinical management of return-to-work decisions.

Our Process

Our comprehensive COVID management program simplifies COVID-19 prevention and response for employers nationwide. We offer end-to-end solutions that can be easily integrated into your company’s processes, with the option for full management by the HFit team – a comprehensive, and hands-off approach.


Quick and simple symptom screening tool.

Our web app enables self-screening by employees to identify COVID symptoms, exposures, and cases quickly, before more employees are exposed to the virus in the workplace.


Telehealth follow-up of symptoms and positive cases.

HFit clinicians will follow up with employees reporting possible COVID symptoms over telehealth. Employees whose symptoms are unlikely to be COVID-related will be rapidly cleared for work, minimizing unnecessary absenteeism in the workplace. Known or suspected COVID cases will be managed virtually, ensuring that employees safely manage their illness and are cleared for work as soon as it is safe to do so.


COVID Testing and Enterprise Results Tracking.

Ask us about our competitive pricing for Rapid and PCR COVID-19 tests, and our secure dashboard for results reporting and tracking. Our process makes it easy to track employee COVID testing, results, positivity rates, and return-to-work clearance.


AI-Enabled Vaccination Verification.

Our proprietary artificial intelligence technology allows rapid, automated verification of employee vaccination status and simple tools for collecting and maintaining vaccine documentation.

HFit Health On-Site Covid
Testing For Employees

HFit Health is simplifying COVID-19 management for employers nationwide, with our industry-best single solution option for organizations seeking to prevent COVID in the workforce. Our packages can be customized to best serve your employee population and maintain typical business operations. We offer:

COVID Symptom Screening

Web app can be used on any web browser or smartphone; enables rapid employee self-report of COVID symptoms or positive cases.

Telehealth Support

Unlimited, 24/7 telehealth access for employees reporting COVID symptoms or managing COVID at home.

Testing and Scheduling

Mail delivery of rapid or PCR COVID test kits; web tool to schedule employee testing.

Automated Results Reporting

Employee and approved HR and EHS personnel receive test results in real-time through secure web portal.

Return to Work (RTW)

Clinical review and individualized recommendations for safe employee return to work.

AI Vaccine Verification

Secure portal allows upload of vaccination documents; proprietary AI automates verification of documents.

Dashboard Access

HR and EHS view for real-time notifications and reporting of employee symptom, test result, and vaccination status.

Why Choose HFit Health's
Workplace COVID Solution?

Automate HR and EHS Tasks

Provide industry-best care to your employees

Customizable processes & full transparency

Who We Are

Since our founding in 2015, HFit Health has supported some of the leading companies in the nation. As a leader in Occupational Medicine, Ergonomics, and Risk Management, our mission is to provide high-quality clinical care and strategies to manage the health of a workforce with an eye not just to safety, but also to overall wellness.
Our priority is to establish strong employer partnerships to prevent workplace illness and injury, and respond promptly and effectively when injuries happen, allowing you to develop a safer, happier, more productive workforce.

What do our patients say?

Robert Waterford
Robert Waterford
Nice folks ❕
Jason Breazeale
Jason Breazeale
Drug test. In and out in less than five minutes. Working Well is the worst.
William Ballard
William Ballard
This was the fastest service I have ever received at any clinic or actually any healthcare facility now that I’m writing this. Very Clean and vibrant interior, I was greeted immediately, no rude receptionist being to busy, so excellent customer service! I was straight in and straight out exactly how you would want it to be. I’ve already recommended others to go here.
Jack Burton
Jack Burton
Ryan made it so much less awkward to pee in front of him lol. Amazing facility, clean, and courteous people. Awesome experience.
Bob Lush
Bob Lush
Very friendly people. Quick and easy experience for bcrc random test.
Tavaress Woodfaulk
Tavaress Woodfaulk
Nicole was professional, friendly, and knowledgeable so I was in and out in no time.
brittney rice
brittney rice
Very friendly with good customer service, neat and clean, and very fast. I was in and out in 10 minutes. I highly recommend.
Dunya Issa
Dunya Issa
They were so professional and so nice. They are quick and I had my kids with me and they didn’t mind at all I was in and out within 10-15 minutes
Hunter W
Hunter W
Fast, friendly, professional and great people.