Our Mission

At HFit, our mission is to provide high-quality clinical care and strategies to manage the health of a workforce with an eye not just to safety, but also to overall wellness. We tackle the headaches that have become far too common in Occupational Health today: lowering wait times, providing secure services, bringing innovative technology to an industry that has too long relied on antiquated tools and assessments, and elevating care to bring the level of comfort that both the employee and the employer deserve whenever the need of Occupational Health arises.

Our Core Values

Partnership with Employers

Gaining access to healthcare services can prove to be bewildering, frustrating, and very time-consuming for both employees and businesses. HFit Health seeks to eliminate the confusion, communication breakdowns, billing errors, and treatment delays by partnering with employers to deliver comprehensive care solutions, to promote a healthy workplace and employee satisfaction.

Transparent Clinical Approach

At HFit Health, we know that trust is essential when providing healthcare. We prioritize transparency with our patients, explaining services and diagnoses. We communicate promptly with HR, EHS, and appropriate company leaders when providing care to workers, minimizing the disruption to business operations and clearly describing treatment plans in the event of an injury.

Primary Prevention First

Injury is harmful and disruptive to the worker and has the potential for long-term consequences. It is also harmful and disruptive to the employer, causing lost productivity, increased absenteeism, employee turnover, and expensive medical and insurance costs. HFit Health is focused on preventing injuries before they happen, for the benefit of the worker and the employer.

The HFit Difference

Quality Care

Have confidence that your employees are receiving the best of care, focused on preventing injury, improving health, and minimizing the impact of the injury.

Clinical Expertise

HFit Providers are licensed and have extensive experience in Occupational Health. They are specially trained and supervised by Occupational and Environmental Medicine Board Certified Physician Leadership.

Reduced Costs

Cut the costs experienced by your company due to worker absenteeism, loss of productivity, and over-prescription of treatments for workers’ compensation and injuries.

Workforce Health

Let HFit Health help you keep employees safe and healthy on the job. Our customized, proactive approach to preventing work injuries promotes a healthy workplace and employee satisfaction.

About Dr. Harris

Dr. Anthony Harris a founder, leader, and speaker in workplace health and wellness. Board-certified in Occupational and Environmental Medicine, he has provided advisory services to some of America’s largest companies, spoken at leading health and safety conferences, and made numerous media appearances. A dynamic speaker, Dr. Harris is known for the compelling way in which he can communicate complex topics to diverse audiences.
Dr. Harris is the founder of HFit Health, which provides clinical and technical solutions to today’s workplace health challenges. An avid learner, Dr. Harris holds MD and MBA degrees from Indiana University, an MPH from the University of Illinois at Chicago, and completed a fellowship in Biodesign and Innovation at the University of Missouri.